Agricultural Mechanics Notes, Handouts

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General Shop Safety Test Study Guide

Tool Identification Study Guide

Oxyacetylene Equipment Power Point

Oxyfuel Welding & Cutting Study Guide

Written Procedure for Starting and Shutting Down the Oxy Torches

Oxyacetylene Safety Guidelines

SMAW and GMAW drawings

Lincoln Welding Positions 

  Electricity For Welding

 Suggested Current Settings for SMAW

 Welding Overheads

 Welding Assignments

Bead Defects Textbook


 Welding Study Materials

Plasma Torch Handout

Plasma Torch Study Guide

Toro Engine Parts  Study Guide 

 Procedure Head Gasket Replacement Toro Engine

Engine Oil Study Guide

Four Stroke Cycles L-Head Engine

Four Stroke Cycles Overhead Valve Engine


Parts of Four Stroke L-Head, Overhead Valve Engines

Briggs Complex Tri-Circuit  Instructions

Briggs and Stratton Complex Tri Circuit Schematic


Briggs Start Switch Harness Color Codes

Briggs Testing Phase1

Briggs 10-16 Circuit Instructions

Briggs 10-16 Schematic

Briggs Dual Circuit Instructions

Briggs Dual Circuit Schematic

 Briggs Simple Tri-circuit Instructions

Briggs Simple Tri-circuit Schematic

 Briggs Series & Parallel Circuit

 Briggs Testing Phase 1


  Reading a Micrometer

 Reading a Caliper

 Ag In The News Summary Prompts